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Interview With Heidi Jannenga Of WebPT

podcast Oct 10, 2019


Meet Heidi Jannenga, the founder of WebPT and a rockstar in the PT world.

In this episode of Rehabpreneur Podcast

03:35 - Where is Heidi from? How did Heidi get started on her journey as a PT?

04:40 - How did WebPT start up? Why did Heidi decide to open up this software?

07:00 - What is the most challenging thing that Heidi had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

09:45 - Why should entrepreneurs use Heidi’s WebPT software?

12:10 - What advice would Heidi give to physical therapists who are thinking of starting their own private practice?


You can visit Heidi’s website at

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Find Out How Tina Degge And Her Husband Started Their Home Health Contracting Business

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2019


Today we have Jason and Tina Degge. They took my course and now have a thriving Home Health Contract Business.

In this podcast:

02:00 - Who are Jason and Tina Degge?

03:00 - Tina's experience as an SLP and how her life looked like before taking Bert's course

05:30 - How did Tina and Jason find Bert?

06:00 - Why were Tina and Jason hesitant at first to get Bert's course?

07:00 - When did Tina and Jason break even with how much they spent in Bert's course?

12:00 - If given the chance to do it all over again, will Jason and Tina get Bert's course? Also, how many contractors do they have now?

14:00 - What is their life now that they have their Home Health Contract Business running?

16:00 - Running your business from your smartphone

17:30 - Tina and Jason's advice to fellow PTs, OTs and SLPs

20:50 - How can you contact Bert?


Reach out to Bert on -

Or get the free video course at -

Or send him an SMS or call him at -...

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Be An Entrepreneur Therapist With Greg Todd

podcast Jul 16, 2019


 Today we have this podcast with my good friend Greg Todd.

Greg Todd is one of the top influencers in the entrepreneur world for rehab professionals.

He has a great heart, is an action taker, and you will see in this interview how he did it from the ground up.


03:00 - Who is Greg Todd?

04:30 - Why did Greg become an entrepreneur? And what are Greg’s businesses now?

06:30 - What is SSPT about?

10:00 - Greg’s thoughts on the traditional learning system

13:00 - You pursue what you deserve

15:30 - A lot of people don’t even know what’s possible so they don’t even know what they can have

20:00 - Why do people not want to pay for coaching?

27:00 - People only do what they want

30:00 - Who is SSPT for?

32:00 - What’s in it for you in SSPT?


Greg Todd’s site -

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My Home Health Practice Story - An Interview From The Knowbodies Podcast

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019


The stories you will hear and watch in these podcasts are real stories of our colleagues, PTs, OTs and SLPs, and you will learn a lot from their mistakes, their success, their wins, their losses, and that's the whole purpose of this podcast.

I'm going to share with you my story for this first episode. This is an interview that was done by a friend of mine, Will Boyd, who is another PT. He interviewed me on his podcast - Knowbodies Podcast. I am using his podcast for this first episode.

In this podcast:

04:00 - When did Bert want to become a PT and where is he now?

07:15 - What motivated Bert to come to the US?

09:15 - What was Bert's first job?

11:50 - At what point did Bert feel that he needed to change his circumstances with his current job? Why did he not start his own clinic?

17:00 - How did Bert arrive at starting a Home Health Contracting Business?

21:00 - How does Bert help people start their own Home Health Contract Business? Do you need to resign from your job to...

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What Is The REHABpreneur Podcast About?

podcast Jun 30, 2019



In this episode, I talk about what this podcast is about, who is this for, and what's the benefit of listening to this podcast.


In this podcast:

02:20 - Who is Bert De Vera?

05:50 -How will this podcast help you?

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