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Find Out How Tina Degge And Her Husband Started Their Home Health Contracting Business

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2019


Today we have Jason and Tina Degge. They took my course and now have a thriving Home Health Contract Business.

In this podcast:

02:00 - Who are Jason and Tina Degge?

03:00 - Tina's experience as an SLP and how her life looked like before taking Bert's course

05:30 - How did Tina and Jason find Bert?

06:00 - Why were Tina and Jason hesitant at first to get Bert's course?

07:00 - When did Tina and Jason break even with how much they spent in Bert's course?

12:00 - If given the chance to do it all over again, will Jason and Tina get Bert's course? Also, how many contractors do they have now?

14:00 - What is their life now that they have their Home Health Contract Business running?

16:00 - Running your business from your smartphone

17:30 - Tina and Jason's advice to fellow PTs, OTs and SLPs

20:50 - How can you contact Bert?


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