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Be An Entrepreneur Therapist With Greg Todd

podcast Jul 16, 2019


 Today we have this podcast with my good friend Greg Todd.

Greg Todd is one of the top influencers in the entrepreneur world for rehab professionals.

He has a great heart, is an action taker, and you will see in this interview how he did it from the ground up.


03:00 - Who is Greg Todd?

04:30 - Why did Greg become an entrepreneur? And what are Greg’s businesses now?

06:30 - What is SSPT about?

10:00 - Greg’s thoughts on the traditional learning system

13:00 - You pursue what you deserve

15:30 - A lot of people don’t even know what’s possible so they don’t even know what they can have

20:00 - Why do people not want to pay for coaching?

27:00 - People only do what they want

30:00 - Who is SSPT for?

32:00 - What’s in it for you in SSPT?


Greg Todd’s site -


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